Our Top Ten Reasons to Send Christmas (or New Years) Cards

Top Ten Reasons to Send Christmas Cards

We used to send Christmas cards to all our friends, family and clients. But it was always a challenge to find the time to do so during our crazy holiday seasons. Then e-cards came along...totally easy to send awesome greetings at the last minute! ( Jacquie Lawson e-cards are the best!) But really, as much as we love those e-cards and still use them, mass electronic communication via e-cards or social media isn't quite as charming or thoughtful as actually sending a hand picked card. Just call us old school. In a blog post last April, we emphasized the value of sending hand written correspondence. We figured we should apply that wisdom to Christmas (or any holiday) greetings. So here are our top ten reasons we're going back to real live Christmas cards!

10. Writing by hand is cognitively good for you. And blocking out chunks of time to unplug, write and reflect is good for you too. 

 9. A hand written card to a client is going to get you noticed...especially when everyone else sends canned pre printed holiday greetings. Those are only a little better than email blasts...mainly because they're more likely to get opened.

 8. It's great to reconnect with friends and family. Keep them in the loop and they won't be asking awkward questions at the next reunion!

 7. The mailbox is a lot less cluttered than the inbox...you wouldn't believe how many e-cards sent never get opened and how many social media posts never get seen! 

 6. A special envelope in the mailbox that isn't a bill or solicitation is a definite smile maker! 

 5. Christmas cards make festive holiday decor. 

 4. Christmas cards may be the least expensive gift out there with the absolute most bang for the buck! 

 3. It's super easy to make your own, personalize your own and avoid the canned card look. There are tons of websites that will help you create custom cards. Even we do it! 

 2. Not into Christmas? Send New Year's Cards (or any time really)...all the same benefits. 

And the number one reason for sending a hand written Christmas card? It shows you care in so many ways!

P.S. If you're worried physical cards kill trees...think about all that on-line shopping you do...cardboard shipping boxes kill trees too. So make your own cards with paper recycled from your cardboard boxes and show the world you really, really care! (here's  how to make paper from your cardboard boxes)

Yes! There is still time to get some!