Artfully Created Gifts for Pet Lovers

Everyone loves their pets. We create home and paper goods that capture the spirit of dogs (and cats, and horses!) with timeless, heartfelt designs.

Fur Children Note Cards

Send thoughts, smiles, and tail wags with note cards featuring hundreds of breed designs.

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Hand Painted Ceramics

Our signature pieces include plates, platters, and jars for T-R-E-A-T-S.

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Chef’s kiss perfect designs featuring the animals you love.

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Wags & Brags


Fabulous golden retriever platter

Had a platter made for my nephew as a wedding gift with HIS dog on it. The dog looked just like his . It was their favorite gift. An outstanding job.

Barbara M.

My husband ordered the MOST FABULOUS yellow lab apron for my birthday a few weeks ago. Thank you. The apron is awesome. THEN -when I found out that you and your Lab Assistants are close to us, here in Roanoke, and how are you giving back to the warmed my heart. Thank you !

Elizabeth W.

Brittany cards

This is my 3rd batch of the Brittany spaniels cards so obviously I love them. The orange and white dog looks just like my 12 year old Brittany, Sam. The chocolate and white is pretty close to my 11 year old, Sophie.

Tracy B.

A quick note to MK (and the rest of your pack). My son and daughter in law, Michiko, loved the mug! Truly thrilled! Neyland passed away in September and they are slowly coming to grips with the loss of one of their family. The mug helped them so much and said it was a perfect morning reminder of him. I want to thank you for playing such a lovely role in their home during the holidays. AWESOME!

Janet B.

Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers

Quality is superb. And designs are spot-on. Love these note cards.

Candace O.
Los Angeles, CA

Best Selling Breeds

From Afghan hounds to Yorkshire terriers, there’s no breed quite like your breed. We celebrate their unique canine characteristics that have stolen your hearts.

Fox Hunting Gifts
Digital Pet Portraits
Waterdog Wine Glasses, Red and White
Waterdog Glassware
About the Artist

Since 1989, artist and studio founder, M. K. Zeppa has been painting and creating all our original animal designs in-studio. Our small team of humans and “lab assistants” personally produce, process, and ship every single order. A portion of every purchase goes to support animal shelters and rescue organizations.

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