It's time for Holiday order by dates!

Holiday Deliveries - Santa's sleigh with sled dogs

We know you might not have Holiday shopping much less Holiday order by dates on your radar...but our first "due date" is coming up pretty quick.

If you want to order a Hand Painted Treat Jar, Platter, Dog Bowl, Plate in time for Christmas, order on or before November 1st. If you want it for Chanukah or Thanksgiving order now! By October 10th latest.

These items are custom hand painted just for you. We have long lead times not only to allow for the artist to create your masterpiece but also for the kiln firing time...which is at least a week. We also have to cushion that production time to allow for the whims of the kiln gods. 

The early bird gets the on time delivery...order Hand Painted Gifts now!

As for our regular collections...when people ask us if they can get it "in time for Christmas", they don't always mean "will it be there by Christmas day". Sometimes they are thinking about an office party on December 10th.

In an attempt to cover for all the possible due dates, here are our recommended 4th Quarter order by dates for our regular Fur Children line of cards, coasters, tiles, ornaments, aprons, etc. For custom versions of these products (anything printed from your photos) these dates are the dates we must receive approval of your layout proof. (So order a week ahead!)

If you would like to receive your order before Thanksgiving (the day before if we receive the order on the due date), please order on or before November 11, 2023.

If you would like to receive your order before the first night of Chanukah, please order on or before November 27th, 2023.

If you would like to receive an order before Christmas (December 23rd if we receive the order on the due date) please order on or before December 16, 2023.

Orders placed after our order by dates mostly still make it in time, but we make NO PROMISES. We make your gifts to order and in the order they are received - no same day shipping, no rush processing and no overnight shipping.

We do have virtual gift certificates/cards for any last minute oopsies. They are emailed directly to your recipient once ordered. Procrastinators...we got your back!