What Makes It A Perfect Gift?

No, the answer is not that it came from Zeppa Studios.  But thanks for that.

So what does make it the perfect gift?

We read somewhere that a gift is something the giver wants you to have and a present is something the giver knows you want. 

Maybe the perfect gift is something the giver wants you to have because the giver knows you want it but you don't yet. 

We've always believed some of the best gifts aren't necessarily on the wish list...those little un-looked for surprises, not necessarily jaw dropping but delightful.

There is a lot of stress associated with gift giving. 

Lots of yucky feelings surface like envy or inadequacy or that nagging sense of obligation to give a gift in the first place. 

Add to all that crowded holiday venues and our inner Grinches are released.

We tell ourselves it's not the gift but the thought that counts. However thoughtful gifts usually require Time...

Time to plan, make, or search for. Time to know the recipient. 

These days Time is in pretty short supply even without self imposed holiday deadlines on the horizon. 

So maybe the gift of Time, your Time, is the perfect gift...give Time to be together, give Time to reflect, give Time to reconnect, give Time to share and give Time to celebrate.

Thank you for giving us your Time and reading this little seasonal musing. 

If it made you feel a little warm and fuzzy or at least gave you a chance to catch your breath, then our job here is done!

Wishing You A Wonderful Time this Holiday Season!