Pardon Our Appearance, Part 2

Episode 2 - So how are the renovations going?

Well, let's of the staircase so we can access our new space upstairs began on September 12. Today is November 12...two months later. There has been progress on the stairs. 

Drywall is up, sanded and painted and they are working on the trim as I write. (and also the new drywall on the walls upstairs is up and sanded and be fair)

We are still cramped in our original space...making do...filling orders...juggling tables...

The upstairs still pretty much looks like this...

I don't think we'll be fully relocated until after the holidays...but maybe that is just the pessimist in me. As long as we can still get orders out in time...however doesn't really matter. Stayed tuned for the next installment of growing pains!