Our Top 5 Hostess Gifts for Pet Lovers

Top 5 Hostess Gifts for Pet Lovers...oven mitt with Pekingese and cutting board with Shetland Sheepdog

A thoughtful gift is a lovely way to thank your host for their hospitality no matter the occasion.

Before we get to our top hostess gift picks for pet lovers, here are a few etiquette tips for gifting any "hostess with the most-est". (thank you, Emily Post)

1. Ask what you can bring, except for showers, housewarming parties, or any event that includes a guest of honor. They may say "nothing"...then see tip #2.

2. If you’ve been asked not to bring anything (or it's a more formal event and/or you aren't close), don't show up with anything to share. Instead, discreetly present the hostess with a small token of appreciation as you are greeted, and suggest they save it for another evening .

3. As a houseguest, you can bring a gift with you or send one after your stay or both.

4. Wrap it if it feels right. A cute gift bag or some fancy tissue is all you really need.

5. Don’t forget the card!

With out further advice, er ado, here are our top 5 hostess gift ideas from our collections for hosts and/or hostesses with dogs, cats or horses.

Number 5 - an oven mitt and potholder set - especially good for housewarmings - Our positively adorable oven mitt and pot holder sets will brighten up any kitchen decor.

Number 4 - a kitchen towel - or two! - Our versatile poly/cotton velour towels are favorites for cheerful kitchen decor, drying dishes and/or wiping up slobbery lips. 

Number 3 - A chef's apron - For the host or hostess with the most-est! You can even personalize the pocket!

Number 2 - A glass cutting/charcuterie board - Who wouldn't love a little art in their kitchen!

Number 1 - A bottle of wine or champagne made extra special by tying a package of beverage coasters or crystal Christmas ornament around the neck.

Bonus tip: We always bring treats for the resident pets in addition to the gifts for the humans!

If your host doesn't have pets - our "custom from photos" versions of the above can work. We don't really care what's in the photo - a pet, a kid, a house, a boat, a sports team...