And Suddenly It's Summer!

And suddenly it's Summer!

Time to fire up the grills, head to the beaches, mountains or lakes, open up the fire hydrants and dance in the streets! WOOOOOF!

But first, THANK YOU SO MUCH for donating to the Lab Rescue Dog Walk Fundraiser. My birthday wish page raised over $1100! Not too bad for one dog and his not so furry friends.

So, what's new?

While it wasn't in our original plan for the year, you can now purchase our designs on  T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Not directly from us though...from our partner store at They set up the shop and fulfill all the orders. We get a royalty for each of our designs sold. If ever wanted your wear your favorite dog, check out the shop. More designs and styles coming soon!

Now that it is a little bit quieter around here, look for our new breed designs to begin rolling out. Mom is scheduling a dog (or cat or whatever) a day for the first couple weeks in July. We got quite the list from our little survey earlier this year!

Speaking of July

Our annual Summer/Christmas in July sale is coming back on July 25th. We aren't completely decided on the theme this year. Whatever we call it, it is our biggest sale of the year and a great time to get a jump on holiday shopping! Save the date!

July 25th also will be the last day to buy a Whine Cooler forever. That's right, the Whiners are retiring. If you always wanted one, now is the time to order. 

Our Whines SOLD OUT JUNE 30th!

This is going to be an exciting Summer!

New Tees and Sweats!

New design previews rolling out in a couple weeks!

Save the date - July 25th - our Super Sale! (Watch your inbox for details)


Now get out there and have a great time!