10 Reasons You Should Be Sending Hand Written Notes


Zeppa Studios Celebrates Nationa Card and Letter Writing Month


While it began in 2001 as an elaborate plot, er promotion, by the United States Post Office to get us to buy more stamps, National Card and Letter Writing Month has captured the imagination of all who love and understand the positive powers of writing and receiving real letters.

Here are 10 reasons why you should be sending hand written correspondence and not just in April!

10. Writing by hand is cognitively good for you. Find Out Why

  9. Hand written is a must for weddings. You Know It's True

  8. Writing thank you notes is "Tonight Show" cool. For Jimmy Fallon Fans

  7. In business, a hand written note is going to get you noticed. Read Why

  6. It might even make you rich. Ahem...Pay Attention

  5. Hand written correspondence can become a part of your family history. Read How

  4. Some things are better said with a hand written note than a "wall post". Etiquette Still Matters

  3. No one can hack handwritten notes. Let's face it...today, it's way easier to destroy the paper trail than the email trail.

  2. You can seriously brighten up someone's day. See How

  AND the number one reason for sending hand written notes...It really shows you care!  

Now doesn't that give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling.  Ready to start writing?


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