10 Gift Ideas for Dog Fathers' Day

Let's face it...Fathers can be hard to find gifts for. We've spent days hunting for something for our Doggy Dad. We're still undecided, but we thought we'd share some of the neat things we've come across. Yes, a few ideas are from Mom's collection; we think hers are better than the alternatives that came up in our search.  Unfortunately for us, Dad has them already!

Here are our 10 Gift Ideas for Dog Fathers (sprinkled with cat and horse father ideas, too)

1.  A tie might seem a cliche gift, but Alynn Neckwear's ties are anything but. Classy 100% silk ties with dogs on them! And an awesome equestrian collection! And just some really funny other animals like flying pigs.

2.  T-shirts also usually land in the cliche gift department but we've seen a couple that made us smile. Like this one from iheartdogs.com or this one for cat people from RCTees or one more from what on earth

3.  How about a gift for Dad and Dog to share together? For general outdoor adventures, pickup something cool from Ruffwear (we love our blaze orange reflective vests).  For backyard fun, we like the Chuck It, but we're retrievers.

4.  For fashionable dog fathers, Preston Leather makes matching belts, collars and leashes. We wear the Lab designs, of course, but there are loads of nautical, sports and other cute themes to choose from.

5.  We came across a tech gadget for dog fathers wanting to keep an eye out for potential canine or feline shenanigans while at work...a wireless monitoring camera, the Dropcam, now part of the Nest smart home family.  We go to the office with Mom and Dad, so not a contender for us...but still pretty cool.

6.  For the new or new to be dog dad... get off to the right start! A dog care and training book or video could be just the thing! Our personal favorites are from the German Shepherd raising Monks of New Skete...How to be Your Dog's Best Friend and the Art of Raising a Puppy. There are lots of other good ones out there and you can't have too many in your library.

7.  So, Dad's a wordsmith - then it's You're My Dawg, Dog - a book of etymologies and vivid examples of all those "dog" expressions in the English language...you know like "dog days" and "dog collar". We love this kind of stuff! We put it on the short list.

8.  Mugs were popular in all our dog father day searches. We thought ours were a little classier. But even better, we can create a completely custom mug with a Dad's favorite pic...and personalize it!

9.  We can also create absorbent beverage coasters with his favorite pup (or cat, or car, or whatever) and you can tie them to a bottle of his favorite brew or wine as functional gift wrap.

10. Sticking with the beverage theme, (Dad's do entertain) there is our collection of hand decorated wine, beer, and rocks glasses with the swimming Waterdog (or horse face designs for horse dads). Pair the glasses with his favorite beverage and/or a set of custom coasters.

Hope you find inspiration here for your Dog Father...Happy Hunting!