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We've got your dog at Zeppa StudiosWelcome to Zeppa Studios - Artfully Created Gifts for Pet Lovers

We know you are here looking for something special for someone special (that includes your own self!) and you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, a little unsure where to start.  After all, you just walked into an artist's virtual studio and the possibilities are endless.

If you are a store (or know a store) who wants to carry our items, please visit Wholesale Inquiries or call the studio (M-F EST).  

Let's start with introductions.

(If you know us, you can skip this) I'm M.K. Zeppa (that's short for Melissa Kaye) and I paint or otherwise create every design our Studio offers. I've been doing it since 1989.  I've painted on everything from jean jackets to cowboy boots to ceramic tile murals.  I still paint every ceramic piece that leaves the studio. 

In 2001 or so, we developed a line of digitally decorated items that feature reproductions of my paintings on note cards, beverage coasters, mugs etc.  Because we still produce everything in house, to order, you won't find these items everywhere, only here or at one of our awesome retailers.

(For more specifics on how we make things, we recommend you read this post.)

I'm helped in the studio by a small production staff and of course, my beloved "Lab Assistants", who answer your emails, keep up with Social Media, play with the UPS guys and keep my feet warm.  They also came up with "Project Rescue", our donation program for animal rescues.

Now, let's help you find what you're looking for...

Since our "stock" offerings are very customized...lots of background choices, lots of breed designs...organizing them all for this website  is an ongoing project.

If you landed here with a breed in mind...definitely use the Shop By Breed category.  It will take you to selections divvied up by alphabet, and your next click will take you the breeds that fall under that alphabetical grouping.  We're still working on cross referencing the different ways breeds are described...if something isn't where you thought, add or drop part of the name.  The breeds are not listed by nick Westy.

Breed variations (colors, poses, haircuts) show up on the product pages - if you're looking for Shih Tzu Note Cards...all the images in the shop by breed section are of our default Shih Tzu design but once you select Shih Tzu Note Cards, the product page will allow you to choose from all the different color and haircut options available in a drop down menu AND the images will appear when the option is selected.  Or you can scroll across the thumbnails under the main image and click on them to see them all.  If an image of an option isn't available, you can always request a layout proof. 

If you landed here looking to see what we offer or you know what item you're looking for, use Shop by Item. You can filter the results to zero in on your desired design...again all the breed/design options show up at the product level.  We're still adding products, so if you can't find an item, contact us and we'll let you know if it is still in our catalog.

Use the Hand Painted category to find our custom hand painted ceramic treat jars, platters, etc. 

Lab-a-holics can click on Club Lab for a slightly different collection of Lab-centric designs. 

And if you want to have your own favorite image(s) artfully recreated on the products we offer...visit the Custom Shop

We also have an on-site search feature to help you find what you want.  We suggest, based on the searches we've analyzed, that you make sure the spelling is accurate. We're analyzing all the possible misspellings and other queries to add more keywords to the relevant products and that's a job let me tell you! 

Now, after all these tips and tricks, if you still can't find what you are looking for... contact us, and in about 24 hours, the Lab Assistants or I will personally help you find it or let you know your other options.  You can also call the Studio weekdays EST.  If we aren't available, we'll get back to you in one business day.

OK, you've found what you want...and you may have questions about shipping, returns and all that.

It normally takes 2-4 business days to produce your order depending on the orders in our queue, so the actual average delivery time for standard rates after you hit "purchase" is about 4-7 business days.  EXCEPT for hand painted items...then we are talking 2-4 weeks for production.

If you are worried about getting your order by a specific date, please contact me via email or phone and let us know your precise requirements.  We'll let you know if you'll be able to avoid express shipping charges for rush orders.

We offer flat rate shipping for all orders in the Continental US - $7 per shipment and FREE SHIPPING for orders of $75+.

All other shipping charges (Express or International) are calculated by the carrier selected based on the weight of the package. We have suspended shipping directly to the EU and UK because of VAT regulations, but Europeans can order from our Etsy shop.

Please do not choose express shipping unless you check in with us first.  You might just be throwing your money away.

We invite you to stay in touch!

You can keep up with new product updates, promotions, retailer profiles and Lab Assistant shenanigans by checking the Studio News blog periodically. And/or you can join our email list, like us on Facebook, check us out on Pintrest and  for fun and inspiration follow @zeppadogs on Instagram!

M. K. Zeppa and the Original Lab Assistants

This is me with the original Lab Assistants, Gator and Snake about a hundred years ago.