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Most on-line reviews appear under the specific product being reviewed, but if, for instance, our Affenpinscher Note Cards get a review, only people shopping for Affenpinscher Note Cards are going to see it.

But the review may be relevant to anyone considering our note cards in general or to anyone looking at other Affenpinscher products.

So we've collected all the nice emails and comments and reviews of our stuff from around the web and put them place to check out what people are saying about us. (the screen shot above is from In the Company of Dogs)

These are from emails and correspondence with us...

  • I received the canister today and it is perfect!!!!! - Thank you all so much (i love the glasses and coffee mug as well)!

  • I love your artwork and initially will be using your Labradoodle cards for correspondence

  • Just received my recent order, excellent!! Love them all but the Portuguese Water Spaniel puppy is my new favorite!!  May I take a picture of it for my Facebook page if I give you credit in the post?

  • I have admired your talented artwork for sometime.  Shopping at Mesmeralda Gift Shop in Mclean, VA, I have discovered your work and LOVE of dogs, especially the Labrador Retriever.  (My daughter and family live in Mclean). I can boast of purchasing your mugs and stationery as gifts and of course, for myself! Each mug is a true treasure. 

  • I'm putting together a dog cocktail package with a vintage dog etched lucite tray, vintage shaker and napkins, the only glasses I like are yours!

  • We love the tiles! I am/was the owner of Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Service.  I give gifts to the top 30-35 family veterinarians who refer their clients/patients to the emergency service every year at Christmas.  This year I choose the tiles! I am excited to start delivering them next week.  I am sure the receiving veterinarians will love them.

  • Love it!!  I am so pleased to have found you and your company for this gift.  Dancer is an adopted senior shelter dog and didn't have the normal appearance of a Pittie, so very pleased that you are able to use a personal photo.   Please know that I will definitely be giving a 5 Star review!  Can't wait to see my husband's face when he receives his coffee mug.  

  • A friend sent me a box of your Basset cards. I NEED MORE! Your Basset pup cards are so cute! No one makes Bassets look cute. I have 5-all rescues.

  • I just received our wonderful hand painted cookie jar of our grizzle and tan and red Border Terriers, Tommy and Alexandra. It is truly amazing that the artist captured our dogs without even a picture!! I want you to know how proud we'll always be to have it on our kitchen counter. The artist is very, very gifted.

  • Everyone just ADORED all the new trophies we had from your this year. More compliments than you can imagine. Thanks for doing such an outstanding job-as always!!!

  • I received some of your "fur children" note cards as a gift from another Labrador friend and think they are great!

And these are some published reviews from around the can read more by following the links.

  • I just love it! - I love this treat jar so much and am glad I discovered it through the AKC website. Easy peasy ordering. The artists did a great job of capturing my dog from a not-very-good photo. Highly recommend!! (five star review from the American Kennel Club Shop)

  • Just what I was looking for! - It is called a treat jar which I'm sure would work well, I am using mine for an urn. The picture of my dog was done perfectly it brings back good feelings! I would do this again, just no time soon hopefully!(five star review from the American Kennel Club Shop)

  • beautiful-well made-accurate likeness The couple I gave it to loved it- they have a labradoodle and the likeness could not have been much better if it had been done with the dog sitting in front of the artist. I was going to keep it for a Christmas gift but was so happy with it I wanted to share it with them sooner!!! (five star review from In the Company of Dogs

  • A beautiful tile by an amazing artist - I have the tile hanging by my front door. (five star review from In the Company of Dogs)

  • Brittany mug w/Scenic View - This is a high quality mug with beautiful likeness of an Orange white Brittany. It reminds of us taking our brittanies to the beach how much they love the ocean (five star review from the American Kennel Club Shop)

  • Briard Scenic Mugs - We love the mugs as they are very well made. We really love the Briard depictions as they look so much like our dogs. We've purchased other Briard mugs but the depictions were not very good. Very happy with the quality. (five star review from the American Kennel Club Shop)

  • Great Cup of Coffee - I love this coffee cup. It is one of the few that is large enough to hold a decent cup of coffee. Not only do I get to visit my breed dog every morning, but I love the way this cup is shaped! (five star review from In the Company of Dogs)

  • Beautiful breed representation - I appreciated the opportunity to personalize the mug with a blue merle Sheltie which is often hard to find(five star review from In the Company of Dogs)