Banner for Fur Children Beverage Coasters

Need a "watch dog" to keep your table surfaces safe from water marks?  Look no further than our "dog-on" absorbent beverage coasters.  We admit it; that's a pretty corny pitch.  But you get the point.

Our Fur Children® beverage coasters protect your table tops with style!  They are made from rubber-backed polyester. You know...mouse pad material. The poly is absorbent enough to keep the drips at bay and the rubber helps the coaster stay put.  Bonus...they clean up nicely with soapy water.

Choose a style and a breed design and we'll infuse it into the coasters using a process called dye sublimation right here in our Southwestern Virginia studio. We've got lots of options so you'll be able to pick the perfect coaster for your decor, mood and/or occasion. We can even help you create your very own custom coasters from a photo or other image.

Browse the styles below or "Shop by Breed" to find your pet.




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