The Best Laid Plans of Dogs and Artists

The Best Laid Plans of Dogs and Artists

Posted by Hawk, Senior Lab Assistant on 1st Jul 2018


Best Laid Plans

We started 2018 with a grand plan to reintroduce our aprons and towels. (We know you've been asking for them.)

We investigated (and invested in) a method to print them in house that's different from our usual process. This method would allow us to use the very versatile cotton flour sack towel and a readily available well made chef's apron. 

Unfortunately, we weren't happy with our printed results...the whole project looked like a complete bust... very frustrating. 

So aprons are once again on the back burner.

BUT, the new printer we bought CAN be used for other projects. Yay!

AND the towel supplier we found will print them for us...very nicely, I might add!

DRUMROLL PLEASE...This August, we are formally introducing new flour sack Tea Towels! 

YOU can pre-order them NOW! 

Why pre-order? Since they aren't being printed in house, delivery, once they launch, is going to be 2-3 weeks from when you order. Unless the stars align and you order one that we happen to have in stock.

Pre-ordering by July 15 means you'll get exactly what you want in August. Plenty of time for the up coming gift giving season!

Plus you'll save $5 per towel! Pre-order price $12.95 each....launch price $17.95 each.

For details and to here

New Fur Children Tea Towels