Meet Buck, Junior Lab Assistant in Training

Meet Buck, Junior Lab Assistant in Training

Posted by M. K. Zeppa on 26th Aug 2018


Buck was born on Memorial Day and came home to live with us on July 16 after a 5 hour car ride across Virginia.

He slept through that car ride, met Hawk, had supper and slept through the night in his new digs.

He's quite bright. He's adjusting to two locations (home/studio) and routines (weekday/weekend). And we are adjusting to him.

He mastered the stairs at home a little too quickly. Still loves launching off the lower steps. Incoming!

He does not like taking no for an answer, although he knows the word quite well. Starting to figure out the world doesn't revolve around him. (well, maybe) We looked like heroin addicts for a week or so...needle teeth marks up the arms.

He recognizes his name...especially when bellowed.

He is a total foodie...well, Lab puppy, duh. He's especially fond of live insect delicacies and deer poop. Everything must go into the mouth for testing... 

He's an aspiring gardener. The hydrangeas do not appreciate his pruning technique. And ripping up weed shields is not terribly productive.

He is starting to show Hawk a little respect. At least when we are outside and Hawk catches a whiff of some recent wild intruders and goes on "bark patrol". That bark stops Buck in his tracks...the play fight ones not so much.

He has made friends with all of the delivery guys and guests at the studio. He doesn't pee on himself when they pet him anymore. Loves people watching. World is his to enjoy.

So, that's Buck to date. Growing like a Weed, Handful of Happy Camper.