It's Zeppa Studios 30th Anniversary Year!

It's Zeppa Studios 30th Anniversary Year!

Posted by M. K. Zeppa on 10th Feb 2019


OMG! This year is our 30th year producing "artfully created gifts for pet lovers"... in one form or another. Whoa! Where did those years go? Don't answer that.

We made our first official wholesale sale in November of 1989 from our loft in Brooklyn to a Tack Shop (horse equipment/lifestyle store) on Long Island. Our stuff was more equine than canine oriented back then...but horse people love dogs too. And the Jack Russells and Corgis soon expanded to Aussie Shepherds, Bassets, Beagles and beyond. And then Dog Boutiques and Bakeries started popping up in the 1990's and our business, well, it went to the dogs. And we never looked back. (OK, so we peek a little every now and now)

The most amazing thing is that our designs keep selling year after year. We don't have to introduce a completely new collection each season. Yes, we add to the breed roster regularly. And we regularly come up with new or new versions of products to put those designs on.'s like we are "classic". Most of our clients have been with us for over 15 years. And that is PAW-SOME!

Thank you all! Everyone past and present who purchased, profited from and/or just simply enjoyed our offerings over the years. Here's to another 30! WOOF!