It's Fall, Y'all! - Time for Holiday Order By Dates!

It's Fall, Y'all! - Time for Holiday Order By Dates!

Posted by Buck, Jr. Lab Assistant on 17th Sep 2021


It's Fall Y'all

There is a crispness to the air.

The sky is an impossible blue.

Jack Rust is beginning his masterpiece of painted leaves.

Fall is paws down our favorite season of the year!

Fall is also paws down our busiest season of the year!

So it's time to remind y'all... place orders for time sensitive holiday deliveries EARLY!

We make to order. Our production queue can experience temporary log jams even in the "off season."

More importantly, the USPS and other delivery services look like they will be posting even earlier "ship by" dates than last year. And you know they aren't guaranteeing anything any more.

Order Hand Painted items (platters, treat jars, etc.) by October 15 for delivery on or before 12-24-21. If you want one by Thanksgiving, order before 9-30-21.

For our other items, cards, coasters, etc., order by 11-5 for delivery on or before 11/24 (Thanksgiving eve) and order by 12-3 for delivery on or before Christmas eve.

Basically Black Friday weekend is the last time to order for guaranteed "by Christmas" delivery. (and there will be some savings to boot!) 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about getting something by a certain time.

We always do everything in our power to ship all orders (even the late ones) in time, but we will not make any promises if you don't place your order (or approve your proof for custom work) before the "cut-off" dates. 

We have gift certificates available for you desperate last "minute-ers" and are happy to mail special gift announcements for items that can't make it in time for whatever occasion!