Retriever in the Marsh Hand Painted Wine Cooler

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This wine cooler is a bit of a departure from our whimsical "whiners".  It depicts a serene morning scene of a Lab silhouetted against the sky at the edge of a lake waiting for ... a swim? a retrieve? dad to finish getting the blind set up?  If it's not being used to keep your wine cool, it makes an elegant vase for dried arrangements.  Either way this piece is a perfect addition to your lodge or cabin.

Our wine coolers measure about 10 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter.  They hold a 750 ml bottle of wine with ease.  To use them, simply soak the cooler in cold water and set your favorite pre-chilled (if desired) bottle in…the wet unglazed bisque keeps the temperature from rising through the magical process of evaporation.