Project Rescue

Zeppa Studios' Project Rescue

Project Rescue was originally an affiliate program that enabled buyers to support a rescue partner they felt most connected with. Unfortunately, given all the breeds we showcase, that watered down the donations...Mom would spend hours writing out tons of little checks to everybody. So we decided as much as we want to help them all, we'd have to narrow our focus to make a real difference.

These days, Buck and I, The Lab Assistants of Zeppa Studios, are proud supporters of Lab Rescue of the LRCP and the four local area shelters where we live in Southwest Virginia. Our holiday sale (10% for you and 10% for rescue) and other events raise money for cash donations from us, and we regularly provide special products for their fundraising events.

Of course, we have helped hundreds of other groups over the years with their fundraising projects and continue to do so on a case by case basis. Our favorites support Animal/Breed Rescues, Pet/Animal Health Research, Service Animals, or Wildlife Conservation.

If you are representative of such a group and are looking for some fundraising help...

We offer donations of gift certificates to qualifying fundraisers.

We have discounts for non-profits purchasing products for fundraising. (And those who have retail outlets can sign up for a wholesale account.)

We have a matching program for individual supporters of such organizations...purchase a product from our website for use as a donation and we'll match it.

And if you have other ideas, we're happy to listen.

Just contact us!

Oh, in case you missed it, the pens we sell support Operation we also support companies who support rescue!

Homeless is a four letter word...never said we could spell.


Hawk & Buck
The Lab Assistants