Hand Painted Ceramic Whine Coolers by Zeppa Studios

Our whimsical hand painted "Whine" coolers feature light-hearted renditions of your favorite "breeds" seated facing left.  We can accomodate all colors, haircuts and even mixes.  You may personalize the wine coolers at no charge either by adding a name or changing "Whine" to something else.

We start with an Italian bisque (unglazed fired earthenware) wine cooler and stencil the outline of the dog (or cat...meow-lot) on to it.  The details are painted in with two or three coats of the appropriate glazes.  Then it's into the kiln to fire for about 8 hours to give the designs their glossy finish.

Our wine coolers measure about 10 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter.  They hold a 750 ml bottle of wine with ease.  To use them, simply soak the cooler in cold water and set your favorite pre-chilled (if desired) bottle in…the wet unglazed bisque keeps the temperature from rising.

News Flash - check out our Horsey Wine coolers...we've adapted some of our equestrian designs to our "cooler" style!




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