Equestrian Themed Wine Cooler

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Yes, you can call them "whinny coolers".

We've adapted some of our existing equestrian designs and added a couple new ones to our wine coolers. 

We offer our Fox Mask and Sitting Fox for the fox hunting fans (or anyone named Fox), our Dressage silhouette, a Prancing Horse which can be painted in any color (shown as a Friesian and a Paint), and a Rearing Horse also available in any color (shown in Bay).  You can also ask us about completely custom designs for the coolers.

By default, the equestrian coolers do not have a message.  But you can personalize them with your name, farm name, award info or just "Whinny" for free.  Just add your desired message in the personalizing box.

Our coolers measure about 10 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter.  They hold a 750 ml bottle of wine with ease…simply soak the cooler in cold water and set your favorite pre-chilled (if desired) bottle in…the wet unglazed bisque (fired clay) keeps the temperature from rising.