Bull Terrier Note Cards

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A box of 8 cards, envelopes and matching seals featuring the Bull Terrier.  The Bull Baiting Crowd wasn't satisfied with just Bull crossed them with different Terriers to make exceptional Bull Fighting dogs.  The original Bull Terrier looked much like modern day pit bulls.  Breeding after the belated fall of bull baiting led to the current Bull Terrier (available in two sizes)...represented by the beloved Spuds Mackenzie (brought to you by Budweiser) and the Target dog...I think that bullseye is painted on...don't you?

Write alot?  Get the 24 pack and save big!

Either can be personalized with your name, your dog's name or any other sentiment (ie Thank You) you dream up.  FOR FREE!

If you want to personalize the inside of your cards, make a note of the breed design you want and visit Ordering Cards with Printing on the Inside.