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2018 Is the Year of the Dog! Must Paint All the Dogs!

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Must Paint All The Dogs - Dogo Argentino in progress

As you know, we've got over 200 dog breed designs, but there are at least 90 recognized by the American Kennel Club Mom hasn't painted yet, not to mention the other registries and all those popular crosses.

So you all keep asking us for new breeds, more colors of existing designs, more crosses. Hey, you love YOUR dog.

So for 2018, the Year of the Dog, we're going to offer more breeds, more colors and more crosses. Hey, it's what we do.

Here is our current "dogs to paint wish list" compiled from some of our wholesale customers... Dogologie - Digs, Divots and Dogs - In the Company of Dogs - and some of you.

New Breeds                                  New Colors                                     New Cross Breeds or Cross Colors

American Hairless Terrier              Black N White Basenji                      Cavachon

Mini Aussie Shepherd                   Black N Tan Shiba Inu                      Cavapoo

Berger Picard                                Blue Great Dane                               Chorkie

Black Mouth Cur                            Black Chow Chow                            Malshi

Canaan Dog                                  Red Lacy                                          Maltipoo

Finnish Spitz                                  Brindle Mastiff                                  Morkie

Ibizan Hound                                 Fawn Bullmastiff                               Peekapoo

Parson Russell                              Red Merle Aussie Shepherd            Schnoodle          

Perro de Presa Canario                Black N Tan Cocker                          Shihpoo

Tibetan Mastiff                               Red English Cocker                         Shorkie        

Xoloitzcuintl (Mexican Hairless)     Fawn Whippet                                 Black Cockapoo   

Plott Hound                                    White Boxer                                     Apricot (labra) Doodle

Bergamasco                                   Black Greyhound                             Black N Tan Doodle

That's 39. OOPs, forgot the Dogo Argentino, "English" Golden Retriever and Pumi...they have been painted already and are already being shipped out on products even though we haven't got them up here on the website. (see below)

Mom promises to "paint all the dogs" (even those controversial crosses) but definitely not in a single month like last year.  

We'd like you all to help her prioritize.  Let us know via email or phone or even snail mail, which designs you'd like to see first...yes, if you want one not listed here, go ahead and tell us. We'll add it to the "wish list"

(Pro Tip - if you are really dying for one of these...order something with it...then Mom has to do the painting!)

Must paint all the dogs - dogo argentino, english golden, pumi


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